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Altivese Irvin


           Sisterlocks® Brand Ambassador  

          Training Completed In 2012(Certified since 2014)


I was always searching for the next hairstyle that would look good. However, I wasn't aware of the damage these styles would cause. If you've struggled with keeping up with popular hair trends and tire of monthly visits to the salon for weaves and relaxers, it's time to consider your options.

If your hair is damaged from the styling choices you have made, you need to make a change. Deciding to go natural is the first step but figuring out what to do with your hair in its natural state can be a challenge. The solution is Sisterlocks. The small size and uniformity of Sisterlocks offer you many of the same style options as loose hair.  If you don't feel like styling, Sisterlocks look beautiful on their own.

Sisterlocks was the best option for me after all the trauma I put my scalp through. I was trying to look beautiful by the standards of some other culture. I have such a feeling of calm now that I show my natural hair instead of hiding it. When my hair was hidden under weaves, scarves, and relaxers, I did it because I felt that my hair was not presentable enough on its own. It is so unfortunate that I wasted time covering my hair while my hair was in its glory years. I hadn't realized that hair density changes over time and hereditary hair loss can cause hair to thin as you age. I did not maximize my hair's full potential because I didn't know that my tightly coiled, dense, and dark wool like hair was pure gold. I see now that my hair is magnificent and glorious! Your hair is too! Don't miss out on unlocking your hair's full potential. Sisterlocks does the most amazing thing with your unique hair texture. I am so excited to provide you the opportunity to celebrate your hair.                                      


P.S. I am now a published author!!! My hair journey has been so inspiring that a chapter of my book details my youthful hair chronicles and how I eventually discovered the path to loving my hair. To learn more select "Read My Book" on the menu bar above. 



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