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This book will inject you with an infusion of God's love. 


Do you often wonder if God is really there? Not sure that God cares. Take a look at your life with new eyes. Think about the people that have offered you support when you really needed it most. A stranger you pass along the way can give you a glimpse of heaven. The word tells us that we may encounter angels but be unaware, offering a revelation you need at just the right time. Encouragement to make it through one more day before you crumble inside losing all hope. That is the place we need to be saved from, hopelessness. You stop asking for help when hope is gone. When you stop asking for God's help, your challenging emotions can lead to greater despair. That is the dark place where wrong ideas emerge, usually due to disappointment. We must do all that we can to stay out of the dark places, taking hold of uplifting thoughts for immediate rescue from despairs' embrace. You may have the misconception that asking for help means you are weak, but having the perception that help is a hand out where God is concerned, is incorrect. God's help is a hand up. Life's troubles are disorienting and can cause you to feel unstable. God helps us because he loves us and wants to restore us to the powerful, loving, and creative beings we truly are. An appliance cannot benefit from the electrical current it needs to operate if it is not plugged in. Connectedness to God offers us emotional stability. We need stable emotions to make the best decisions and we need connection to operate at full power. Certainly we are concerned about the trouble in this world but we must remember that charity begins at home. The home of your heart. We must tend to the damaged areas of our own souls to do our good God work. The world changes as individual people change. God's help will sustain you and create in you the ability to manifest joy and abundance. Remember the times you stopped all your trying, using unsuccessful methods to fix your problems. You just stopped and waited. Recall those times you threw up your hands and said , " I give up! God show me the way." And somehow God sent you a solution. A little something just to get the ball rolling, and then another response. Bit by bit, like breadcrumbs in a forest leading you back home. God's interactions with us are so fluid and seamless we often don't notice it at all. If you would just pay closer attention to the happenings in your life, you would know God's presence is near and be at peace because God has been there all along, singing you love songs and giving you warm gentle kisses from within....

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