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 Want to know what its like to sit in my chair?

Take a look at these testimonials....

Before I began my sisterlock journey in 2018, I first did my research on the sisterlocks website. This provided much needed information on the hair style itself, how to look for a consultant, and what was required of me. As such, I discovered Altivese Irvin and instantly felt a connection because of her level of professionalism and courteous approach to business, in addition to having a user friendly website. Ms. Irvin had a quick response to my inquiry and this later began a very pleasant business relationship. Despite moving to New Jersey, I still remain a client of Altivese because of her strong ethical values, genuine care and support offered during my Sisterlock journey.



Altivese is a real professional. I can always trust to have a great experience when I get my hair done with her. She always makes me feel comfortable to the point that I leave feeling relaxed. I can't recommend her enough!


One of the best things I did was get sisterlocks. I went through the process of doing what I thought was good for my hair. The perms, braids, Dominican frying my hair, lol my hair became totally limp!!! That's when I decided, no more of that! I took a leap of faith and decided to get sisterlocks. My hair is healthier than ever before. My hair went from short to past my shoulders and it's still growing. Only God knows what would have happened to my hair if I didn't choose sisterlocks. I'm grateful and thankful for all the care and encouragement from hair miracle worker!!! 


Altivese has been my consultant since February 2018. She is a consummate professional. She works quickly but she maintains the quality of my grid while retightening my locs. My hair is always neatly done. My appointments with Altivese are always 5 stars!!


Having worked with locticians as a long-time wearer of sisterlocks, I really value Altivese's timeliness as well as her professionalism.




Altivese has been retightening my sisterlocks for well over a year now, and I couldn't imagine going anywhere else. She welcomes me with a smile into a clean and peaceful space. Her salon chair is extremely comfortable and can be adjusted to lean all the way back which allows her to reach the front of my edges with precision, making sure that I am never uncomfortable. Also, Altivese listens to my concerns about my hair and always provides guidance in a kind and humble way. She is beyond patient, as I have a lot of hair and slippage. Nonetheless, she does quality work and my hair has never looked better.



My friend introduced me to Altivese before I started my sisterlocks journey and I'm glad she did. She established my locs and has retightened them over the past. My  few years. My sisterlocks are always so well done and always attracts compliments. She is fast, efficient, and gives advice about how best to care for your locs. I'm so glad she is my loctician.


In orchestrating my relocation to NY, the most concerning was who was going to care for my sisterlocks. I reached out to three consultants. One of the consultants took two weeks but out of the three Altivese responded immediately. In speaking with her on the phone and reading about who she is on her website, I instantly new she was a match. I have been a dedicated client since August of 2019 and have no plans to allow someone else to care for my locks. Notably when you come to Altivese she wears a mask to protect you as well as her, why I say this is because this was before the Coronavirus pandemic. How did she know? Nonetheless, Altivese is personable, professional, and I enjoy our conversations while she tends to my locs. I embrace all her wisdom in adhering to her hair care instructions. When we part, I love how my sisterlocks look and feel so I make sure my next appointment is scheduled before I leave. I pray for  blessings and success in all that she does.


My hair has been sisterlocked for over a year and it is now April 2020.

It's the best decision still. I have to give much credit to my loctician. Altivese has done a great job of establishing and maintaining my sisterlocks. She is knowledgeable and has a calm demeanor while working on my locs. Altivese has always accommodated me on scheduling reties even on short  notice.


Since day one of my consultation, Altivese has been very knowledgeable and professional about the best haircare journey for me with my sisterlocks. She offered me specific advice for maintenance of my sisterlocks as well as effective advice on scalp care as I struggled to manage some dandruff issues as well as thinning edges. She is very neat and I always leave my retightening sessions loving my sisterlocks. My hair grew very healthy and strong with her care and advice. The icing on the cake is her good vibes and positive energy!! Best sisterlocks consultant in NYC. Definitely 5 star rated and highly recommended!!


I've been a client since 2018, and I must say it has been a pleasant experience. Altivese is warm and welcoming and so is the atmosphere. The salon is located ina nice, quiet neighborhood, and salon chair is everything. You can watch a good movie while sitting in the best relaxing, reclining chair. Most of all, you will walk out of there with your hair looking fabulous. If you're planning on getting sisterlocks, readyforlocks is the way to go. You won't regret it.


A wonderful experience from the start! Altivese is professional, clean, focused and incredibly informational. Not only does she have amazing energy, she really pays attention to detail and works hard to make sure her client is happy. I was one year locked when I left the salon I was going to and met Altivese after finding her on the sisterlocks website. I prefer having the same one person doing my hair and not being past around to different people in a salon. I was so pleased with Altivese's work that I referred My Mom Clementine to establish her sisterlocks with her.  I look forward to the rest of my journey with her. If you are looking for a knowledgeable and professional loctician who takes pride in her work, Altivese is the one for you.


I had a great experience establishing my sisterlocks  with Altivese and I am very happy with my results. I am 75 years old and wished I would have done this sooner. It is so freeing to lose the wigs and weaves and embrace my natural hair. After two ten hour days including lunch breaks, I went home with no discomfort and beautiful uniform babylocs. Altivese is a pleasure and her prices are reasonable for my budget. The atmosphere is very comfortable and clean. I'm glad I listened to my daughter. I feel I picked the right person to establish my sisterlocks and I look forward to continuing my journey with Altivese.



Altivese has been my loctician for over four years. during this time she has proven to be highly skilled in the area of hair care. She is a diligent professional who maintains a warm and inviting environment. Additionally, Altivese ensures that her clients are seen at their designated appointment time. I am exceptionally happy with my sisterlocks. I highly recommend to anyone who values their time to seek out Altivese and receive professional hair care and a relaxing appointment.


Altivese provides individualized services at a great price. She is tender and doesn't pull or strain the hair. I always find my retightening sessions to be relaxing!


Altivese is always such a pleasure to work with. Her studio space is lovely, fresh and filled with light. Her equipment is clean and comfortable and the entertainment she provides during our visits together is top-notch. Not to mention, everytime I leave Altivese, my hair, my style and my mood all receive a much needed and deeply appreciated expert re-tightening! Thank you Altivese!


Finding  Altivese was such a blessing. Not only is she an exceptional loctician, she is an awesome woman. Never once have I had to question her professionalism or talent. Her spirit is so uplifting and her insight on different aspects of life is a true eye opener. During my first visit with Altivese (with established sisterlocks), she was insightful, understanding and patient when discussing where my hair had been and the direction we will be goin with my locks. I have been a client of Altivese for almost three years and would never consider going anywhere else.


When Altivese asked me if I would do a testimonial about my sisterlocks journey with her, I jumped at the opportinity. I had my sisterlocks established on July 22-23 2018. 9am-9pm the first day, 9am-1am on the second day. From my initial establishment over the last two years, I have been blown away by Altivese's consistently pleasant and calm demeanor, professionalism, and most of all, her stamina! During my establishment we stopped for bathroom breaks, food, and nothing else. Sometimes we didn't actually stop for food, but rather took a few moments to just get it ready to eat while still working. She amazed me!

I chose Altivese after looking at her work online and appreciateing the detail and exactness of her grids. When I went to the consultation and had my sample locs established, she was honest, open, and forthcoming. Not to mention, she did a beautiful job on the sample locs, and after having them for two weeks, I was sure I was ready to go forward. And now, almost two years later, I still see Altivese religiously every six weeks, and I am still loving my locs.

It takes approximately 3.5-4 hours to retighten my hair, depending on the level of growth (my hair grows fast!). Fortunately, spending time with Altivese is easy: sometimes we talk, but she is not the kind of person who needs to talk, which I totally appreciate. Sometimes we watch television, Altivese has introduced me to shows I never would've watched but for being in her chair: hello Westworld! Sometimes I fall asleep, and she's good with that too.

So if you are looking for a consummate professional who produces a killer grid in record time - Altivese is your pro.


OMG!! What can I say about my experience with Altivese? She graciously took me on as a client when I needed her. She is kind, fast, gentle, understanding and easy going. My sisterlocks are thriving under her care. Her private space is immaculate and she takes measures to ensure a sanitary environment for both herself and her clients. I am always comfortable during our time together. My only regret if I have one is that I hadn't met her earlier.


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