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                              Pricing And Appointment Instructions:


 *No children unless they are receiving services. 

Please make arrangements for child care.

  • The consultation fee is $50 for new clients just getting started and also for transfer clients. 

  • The $50 fee will be deducted when you complete the three part service package.   

  • Sisterlocks® is a three part package. The initial cost includes: 1.Consultation 2.Establishment 3.First Re-tightening appointment, which must be accomplished within the first 2 to 6 weeks directly after the establishment of your locks. Beyond that you will pay the regular retightening fee.                  

  • To establish your locks the price starts at $1250 for 2 to 4 inches of hair.

  • $150 for every inch of hair after 4 inches. 

  • High hair density affects the cost of your service. The additional cost will be determined at your consultation

  • When your locks are established you will receive a complimentary starter kit.                 

  •  Re-tightening is $50 an hour.

  • Your hair should be retightened every 4 to 6 weeks for the first six months to a year.

  • Mature locks may be retightened every 6 to 8 weeks.

  • Timely maintenance guarantees the neatness of the parted sections and regulates the cost.

  • Always show up for your appointments on time. The money clock starts at the time of your appointment, this means that you will be charged from the start of your appointment time not your late arrival time. To avoid overlapping appointments we may have to cancel and reschedule if you are more than 20min late.

  • There is a same day cancellation fee of $60.

  • Establishment deposits are non-refundable.

  • Please refrain from adding products to your hair the day of your retightening, NO hot oil treatments before your appointment. Show up with a clean fresh shampooed head.

  • Any oils that may be in your hair will cause the tool that I use to become slippery and it will take longer to complete your retightening session. Retightenings can take 2 to 4 hours to complete. A clean head is the best scenario for a shorter retightening session.


What To Expect When You Sit In My Chair:

  • A calm and relaxing atmosphere.

  • You can watch a movie, TV series or have soft music in the background.

  • My phone activity is reserved for high priority and emergencies so as not to lengthen your session with excessive talking and texting.

  • Professional advice on how to maintain your locks.

  • My undivided attention. Each client is my star and you will receive the exclusive time you need to complete your service without overlapping appointments.

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